Tedd Riley, one of our insureds, is the owner of the Corner Hardware Store in Brookston.  Tedd, also a hardworking farmer, takes pride in his store.  Go visit Tedd and look for the display he has partnered with our agency to set up in his store. Enter to win a 2 piece 18 Volt Milwaukee Fuel Power Tool Set and 25 ft Tape Measure.  No purchase is necessary, but we think you will get there and be so impressed with Tedd's store, you will see something you will be compelled to buy!

Please help support Tedd and all small businesses.

  They help keep our small communities alive.






"What  Kinds of Insurance Are a  Must Have?"


There are some insurance policies that are of utmost importance. Living without them in modern times is a risk no one should dare take. The following article does a good job of talking about the most important policies for most people.  However, do not overlook the importance nowadays of Cyber Liability!!!

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Great Tips To Help You Repair Your Credit


 Whether you have student loans, lost the value of your home, or had a medical emergency, debt can pile up in a hurry. Instead of dwelling on the negative, let's take the positive steps to climbing out of that hole.

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Chicken Taco-Stuffed Crescent Rolls


Take a twist on taco night with these chicken and cheese-stuffed crescent rolls. Serve with seasoned sour cream for a complete dish!

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13 Critical Ways to Stay Safe on Public WiFi


Many places provide free WiFi, from the local coffee shop to the public library. However, free public WiFi is rarely safe, which leaves your private information open to hackers.

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Boy calls 911 for McDonald's, officer makes special delivery


A Michigan boy with an emergency craving called 911 last week to place an order - and he ended up getting it delivered!

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