Just this past week Monica joined me in attending a meeting in Indianapolis where the keynote speaker was someone by the name of Frank Miles.  Some of you may recognize his name from America's Got Talent and his stunts such as juggling stun guns and performing comedy acts with a daring side; yet, Monica and I are not TV watchers so we did not have the slightest clue what to expect.  Well instead of what I imagine many thought they were going to see, we were offered up a few wonderful life messages.  The messages he brought have also been messages we try to convey not only in our lives but here in the office.  For Frank, and for many of us, when things get good, we decide, "I’d better let good be good enough".  Why? Because of fear of failure and the "what if's we conjure up in our heads".  What if I look silly? What if people get upset with me? What if I mess up?  Then, as Frank, "didn’t care anymore. I wasn’t afraid to die. What happened was–and I wouldn’t understand this until much later–that I was afraid to live".  We lose sight of what is of value, of who we are and what is important to us."  Frank's story took a tragic turn where he died and was resuscitated.  Most of us don't get that second chance as Franck did- but after his multiple surgeries and some physical rehab he garnered a new perspective. "The things I’d been worried about amounted to little more than hurt pride and bruised ego. So what if I reached for more and fell? I’d just survived."   Where Frank began using comic monologues, juggling, music, and magic, to bring life's simple ideas that help shatter the self imposed limits of fear. We try to help one another here in the office, and in our personal lifes,  know that we all fall but it is how we pick ourselves back up and recoginze human error.  Face it. You blew it.  You let a colleague, a friend, or client down.  Perhaps it was a careless mistake, or that you didn't reveal all the facts about a situation.  Maybe a critical deadline was missed causing severe consequences to ensue.  Whatever the reason, you failed. Trust has been broken.  It is now your time to rebuild that confidence and faith.  How will you achieve this?  Here are five suggestions to help:

  1. Take responsibility. Fess up and apologize. Face-to-face is always the best way when possible. Use the phone if it's more expedient. Do not e-mail the apology.
  2. After you apologize, let the other person talk and vent. Listen to uncover what distress or damage has been caused. Remember, what you hear is the person's reality even if you think otherwise.
  3. Ask the big question. What is needed to remedy or rectify the situation? Even if you can't meet the expectations, you have a starting point. On the other hand, you may be surprised to learn that the error is not as grave at it appears.     
  4. Lear from your mistake. Examine why and how it happpened. Don't let it happen again. 
  5. Moving forward, let the person know it won't happen again. Ask for another chance. Be proactive to provide status updates and confirmations to build back assurance and peace of mind.

"True courage is facing life every day. The only sure bet in life is that if you don’t try you will fail. I’d found a way to pass that on along with laughs and thrills on top."  The picture above is of our daughter Molly.  We as proud parents have to say that she is a shinning example for all of us for this life lesson.  Not many of know her story. It is not one of roses and unicorns. However she never gives in.  When she had the opportunity to not perform for the local Solo and Ensemble, and discussed it with her piano teacher, and Molly's reply was, "if I don't try, I will never know how I would have done".  Well, Miss Molly.  Your courage, above all, made us prouder than any accomplishment you could have achieved.  Yet we know hard work pays off, or dare I say plays off...Molly was not only able to advance to the State level, where as a pianist you have to have your music memorized, but she took home Gold with Distinction!  Yes, proof again, as Frank Miles said, "the only sure bet in life is that if you don’t try you will fail",  for Molly would have failed; yet, in her courage, she won on so many levels.






"I hear people talk about Cyber Liability Policies.  Do people really need these?"

Of all our insurance policies we sell here in our office, one of the least know but most valuable is the Cyber Liability policies.  Most of us think of Cyber Liability effecting only those large companies and corporations but not us little guys.  HACKERS DON’T DISCRIMINATE! If they can get into your information you will be a target, no matter the size. A scary statistic that was reported in a survey in the 10th edition of Global Fraud & Risk Report was that 86% of executives experienced some sort of cyber liability event! And year after year the statistics grow. And it is not just data breaches that suffer.  Other risks both personally and professionally include: 1. Fraudulent funds transfers  2. Extortions/ransomware  3. Social engineering  4. Business interruption 5. Privacy breach  6. Network Security  7. Website/Media Liability.  The insurance industry is so involved and in-tune with this current epidemic that even one of our state’s professional association, the PIA – Professional Insurance Association, is putting on monthly webinars introducing new information to agents as quickly as possible in order to get us tools to cover your exposures.  When we look at the basics that we are all instructed to reduce fraud-watch for email phishing (or in laymen’s terms, tricking us into opening and engaging in deceptive information, links, or attachments), not connecting to public Wi-Fi, installing every update, and protecting your devices with passwords and locked settings.  Yet, we all know there are things we don’t know or just simply miss or forget to do and that is where your insurance comes in; helping to cover you in when you need it the most. So why get Cyber coverage?  Just remember this:

            1.  Cyber-crime is the fastest growing crime in the world!   

            2.  Technology systems are critical for business operations but the

                 downtime is not covered by standard business interruption


            3. Data is one of your most important assets yet it is not covered by

                 standard property policies.

            4. Complying with breach notification laws costs time and money.

            5. A good Cyber policy provides access to a wide range of incident

                 response services.

Don’t wait unit you too are a victim.  Cyber- crime, as Warren Buffet puts it, cyber-crimes, “are the biggest threat to mankind and that they are bigger than threats from nuclear weapons.” Currently, one in every 131 emails are attacked and 230,ooo new malware samples are produced everyday! If you or someone linked to you or your information become hacked you can jeoporidize your life savings.   Cyber insurance is here to help cover you!






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