Happy New Year!!!!  It is that time again . . . the time when a lot of you are cleaning out your closets and getting rid of the old and bringing in the new.  What people don’t think about is remembering to let their insurance agent know about some of the new goodies they got from Santa.  Some of you may be asking why in the world would you do that? In short, within your home policy is a specific limit for personal property. This property is covered for only SPECIFIC LOSSES.  Therefore, if you have specific items that are more valuable than a common item, you may want to name or “schedule” that on your policy.  For example, a common loss is jewelry.  If a ring was not scheduled on a policy that was handed down from great-great-great grandma and worth $20,000.00, the insurance company might say something to the effect of, “How are we to know that you had a ring of that value if we were not told about it?”  You may also choose to extend your coverages to all losses, including mysterious disappearance (was it an Alien who stole it or did the dog take it and bury it in the middle of the night type of thing). 

Scheduling your personal items, old and new, helps give a peace of mind if something were to happen to these items, items that may be sentimental, items that you may have worked very very hard for, or items that you may never be able to monetarily replace, you will be fully compensated for in the wake of a tragedy.  Here are some things to consider scheduling:   jewelry, guns, any collections/collectibles (i.e.: stamps, plates, dolls…), coins, art, books, cameras, musical equipment.  Here is a great website, , that will also help you inventory your home because really, who of us can really name what we own from memory?  We often own more things than we realize!

We hope you’ll never need the home inventory, but preparing for the worst can prevent a lot of hassle later!






"What do I need to consider, insurance wise,  when I am looking at

a specific house I'm interested in buying?"


Buying a house can be overwhelming at times. You want to set yourself up for success and make sure your new home is properly insured. Take notes on the tips in the following article as you start house hunting!  You may find that some of the tips do not currently fit your needs.  That's is ok!  Use what you can, make it your own.  Good Luck.  We are always here to help!

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