Precious Life "Tee Off For The Heart" Golf Tournament Is Here

This is going to be a great Golf Tournament. 

Even if you are not a golfer, can't make this tournament, be sure to support the Precious Life Shelter in Los Alamitos, Ca. 

Here is the link to their website:  http://www.preciouslifeshelter.org/

CF Cycle For Life - Orange County 

Cystic Fibrosis is a awful disease that needs a cure.  For those who like to ride bikes, the CF Cycle for Life in Orange County is on October 6, 2018.  

Here is the link for the information on the ride:  http://fightcf.cff.org/site/TR/Cycle/118_Orange_County?fr_id=7013&pg=entry 

I hope to make the ride this year.  It is going to be my first ride and I have under a month to get in shape. "In shape" my not be the right term. Be able to finish the ride before sunset.  That's the goal. 

I will be easy to spot.  So if you do, be sure to say Hi and cheer me and all the other riders on.


Steven Ludwig

What Music Should You Listen To At Work?

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3 Epic Football Party Snacks

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Officer Helps Raccoon In 'Sticky' Situation

A police officer stopped to help a hungry raccoon wandering on a road with a peanut butter jar stuck on its head. The officer's body cam captured the funny moment! 

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