Fed Rate Drop- What Does It Mean To Me??

On July 31st the Federal Reserve announced it would cut its target interest rates by .25%.

This move was widely expected over the past few weeks, so when it was announced, there was little impact on mortgage loan rates.

Remember, Long term mortgage rates are not directly connected to the short-term Fed funds rate.

Other short-term rates like the Prime rate are directly influenced, and changes on these would impact credit lines and credit card accounts.

Long term rates typically are based on the future direction and forecast for rates and will have already built in the expected Fed moves before they are announced.

The lower mortgage rates  we have experienced recently are the result of this expected drop and we are now enjoying fixed rate loans back on the 3’s!

Now is a great time to do a quick review of your loans and credit debts, you may be able to save $1,000’s in interest

Call or email Rob today to see what $$ may be waiting for you!

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