image How to make money: 11 tips to learn how to invest your capital

Are you interested in doing more with your money than just adding a few dollars to your Savings here and there? Learn how to invest! Investing will give you a bigger return than the typical savings account and the money you make can be used for paying off loans, building an emergency fund, or even a dream vacation!

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Brian Tracy Inspirational Article of the Month:
image 5 Time Wasters At Work That Are Killing Your Productivity

Tired of feeling like you can't get any work done at work? You're not the only one. There are several time-wasting activities that we engage in which we don't even realize are distractions. Do you answer every email as it comes in? Try setting aside a chunk of time to dedicate to emails each day and focus the rest of your time on other tasks.

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Interesting Articles and Photos of the Month:
image 5 Benefits of Raising Pets With Children

Our pets become as much a part of the family as any other member and kids often grow the strongest bonds with our furry friends. There are many great reasons to raise pets alongside children including building their sense of responsibility, an increased activity level, and framing a sense of empathy. Did you have a pet growing up?

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image Food Substitutes That Will Make You Feel Less Guilty

It's officially 2018 which means New Year's Resolutions are in full swing! Eating more healthily is one of the most common resolutions because it means bettering yourself on the inside and out. Make eating healthy a bit easier on yourself by swapping out these foods for less guilt-inducing alternatives!

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image Take Preventive Steps to Avoid Frozen Pipes

Did you know that damage caused by frozen pipes is the second most common home insurance claim during the frigid winter months? Do your part to prevent this avoidable claim by implementing these practical tips!

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Videos of the Month:
image Top 10 Foods That Originally Looked Totally Different

Would you be surprised to find out that the eggplant was originally small, round, and white? Makes sense now why it would be called an "egg plant"! In fact, dozens of foods look completely different now from their original wild ancestors. What did your favorite food used to look like hundreds of years ago?

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image Why Can’t We Live On The Moon?

We've been thinking about inhabiting the moon for decades. Plenty of TV shows and movies have given us a fantastical glimpse of what the future may hold, but just how possible is living on the moon, really? As it stands right now: not so much. But who knows where technology will be in 3018!

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image Deer Meets Snowman And Devours Him

This deer seemingly just wanted to make friends - that is until she got a taste of this poor snowman's nose! Up one minute and down the next, the snowman didn't stand a chance. Also, the deer was not about to share her scrumptious find with the second deer that came poking about. The snowman needed a haircut anyway...

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Delicious Recipe of the Month:
image Blackened Salmon Tacos with Chunky Mango Avocado Salsa

Trying to eat more healthily but are tired of eating twigs and berries? You don't need to sacrifice flavor to have a meal that's good for you! Salmon seasoned with seafood seasoning and chili powder serves as a delicious foundation to a low-carb, high-flavor meal. Topped off with a colorful mango salsa; you've got yourself a satisfying lunch or dinner for any time of year!

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Dumb Criminal of the Month:
image Man fleeing police drives off Astoria dock

The police pursuing Timofey Erofeeff figured he'd stop his truck when he realized he'd come to the end of the pier. Nope! Watch this dumb criminal drive right into the wintry water and then actually try to swim away. The lake was so cold he had to swim back, get rescued, and go to the hospital to be treated for hypothermia. Here's to hoping he learned his lesson!

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