Couples and Money: Creating Successful Financial Relationships

Finances are a crucial part of everyone's life, so when couples get together, it becomes imperative to find a plan that works for everyone involved. Disagreements are bound to happen, but with a plan in place, your day-to-day financial activities will be worry-free. Learn how to make a plan as a couple that will work for both of you!

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Brian Tracy Inspirational Article of the Month:

How To Overcome Your Fears, Get Unstuck, And Fuel Your Success

Fear prevents us from making mistakes that can harm us, but it also, unfortunately, prevents us from stepping out of our comfort zone to achieve something that can make us better. When the fear of failure triggers your natural "fight-or-flight" reaction, learn how to choose "fight" over "flight"!

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Interesting Articles and Photos of the Month:

Most Romantic Honeymoon Ideas 2017

Just like we all have our own unique personalities, each couple has a unique personality too. Some couples like to relax together while others like to find adventure. No matter what your "couple personality" is, find the honeymoon destination that's right for you any time of year!

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Living With Pets: What Can It Do For You?

Looking to expand your family? Consider adopting a pet! Our furry and feathery friends are not only adorable, they have been proven to have health and other benefits. They can relieve stress, provide therapy, guard your home, and even notify you of dangers like smoke or gas leaks!

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How To Travel Internationally Without Jet Lag

Whether you're visiting family a few states away or traveling across the globe, a great vacation plan can be ruined by that sluggishness you feel from jet lag. Fortunately, there are many things you can do before, during, and after your flight to ensure you can enjoy your trip and not sleep through it!

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Three Simple Swaps for a Healthier Lunch

Eating out for lunch may seem enticing because it's quick and easy, but it can be quite detrimental to your health. The calories from fast food (even the "healthy" alternatives) add up quickly! Don't let your lunch-time cravings stand in the way of maintaining a balanced diet. Try these simple swaps to keep lunch healthy and delicious!

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Videos of the Month:

Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator

Let's face it, we've all procrastinated on at least one thing in our lives, haven't we? However, if you're a chronic procrastinator, you can probably relate to Master Procrastinator Tim Urban. Learn why you're brain is wired to wait until the last minute and why there's really nothing you can do about it!

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17 Incredible 3D Printed Objects

What do casts, violins, and pizza have in common? They can all be 3D printed! That's right, even pizza! 3D printing has been around since the 1980's but only recently became a viable method of creating objects. With the current technology, people have been able to create incredible things! What would you 3D print?

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Top 10 Cool Tricks To Teach Your Dog

Sit, stay, down, good dog! Dog owners around the globe teach their pups to be well-behaved with these basics, but dogs are very intelligent and can do so much more! From high-fives to skateboarding (yes, your dog can learn to skateboard!), learn how to teach your dog these awesome tricks!

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Delicious Recipe of the Month:

Corned Beef Hash

Top of the morning to ya! Everyone's a little bit Irish on St. Patrick's Day. Celebrate in traditional fashion with this delicious Corned Beef Hash recipe. Since the holiday lands on a Friday this year, you can make enough to have leftovers and drink it with green beer all weekend long!

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Dumb Criminal of the Month:

YouTube Jumper ‘8Booth’ Breaks His Legs

There's a fine line between "daredevil" and "criminal". This YouTube star, "8Booth" has traveled all around Southern California jumping from cliffs, rooftops, and other insane places into bodies of water. Unfortunately for him, looks like 8th time wasn't the charm and his latest attempt resulted in some broken bones!

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